In section 5, We demonstrated you how to identify all the SATP principles

In section 5, We demonstrated you how to identify all the SATP principles

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In section 5, We demonstrated you how to identify all the SATP principles

I got to separated the screenshots into four quadrants to ensure i really could show most of the content material of output. Here, i have attempted to trim they lower and set just the outlines I need to show. To take action, I used the appropriate order:

This order lists all SATP procedures following uses grep for the sequence’s unit, satp_alua, and ---. This leads to the production getting column headers and separator outlines, which are one two lines inside the output. The rest of the productivity series precisely the lines with satp_alua inside them. Realize that the -i argument trigger grep to ignore the fact.

Inside result, realize that the EMC CLARiiON CX family members was claimed because of the VMW_SATP_ALUA_CX plug-in, according to suits about unit line environment becoming DGC and declare Possibilities position becoming tpgs_on.

Alternatively, both LSI and IBM 2810-XIV are said because of the VMW_SATP_ALUA plug-in, predicated on matches in the Vendor column, the design line, and the value of tpgs_on inside declare Options line.

NetApp normally claimed because of the VMW_SATP_ALUA plug-in, predicated on fits throughout the seller column as well as the property value tpgs_on in the declare Solutions line merely. In this situation, the design line was not utilized.

IBM DS8000, that’s model 2107-900 (listed in the productivity without the rush), and IBM SVC (right here as model 2145) include reported from the VMW_SATP_ALUA plug-in, based on the seller and design articles merely, although the Claim selection column style is not tpgs_on.

The residual rule allows VMW_SATP_ALUA to claim units with any provider or product column price, provided that the Claim Solutions column advantages was tpgs_on. Which means any collection perhaps not listed in the preceding regulations that returns a nonzero importance for any TPGS area inside inquiry feedback string will get reported by VMW_SATP_ALUA. You may think of this as a catch-all ALUA state guideline that says products on all ALUA arrays which aren’t clearly indexed by vendor or design for the SATP state regulations.

Checking Devices’ ALUA Designs

ALUA designs become related to LUNs in combination with TPGs. To listing these configurations, you can work listed here command:

An illustration from an EMC VNX or CLARiiON CX range

This output reveals the space variety Type field set to VMW_SATP_ALUA_CX, which is the same as the VMW_SATP_ALUA plug-in with added signal to handle some commands particular to CLARiiON CX ALUA arrays.

The result in addition demonstrates the space variety means unit Config line, wrapped for readability, including several areas:The basic collection of curly brackets, , includes initiator registrationa€“specific setting. This is specific to EMC VNX and CLARiiON category of arrays. Through this ready, two choices are indexed:

navireg=on-This ensures that NaviAgent enrollment choice is allowed about host. It registers the initiator using VNX or CX array if it's not already subscribed. Observe that you should look into the initiator record regarding the range to make sure that Failover setting is set to 4, which allows ALUA for this initiator. (you'll find more details on this subject in Chapter 7.)

ipfilter=on-This alternative filters the variety’s ip which makes it not visually noticeable to the space collection. (you are going to discover more about this in part 7.)

The ALUA AAS management means options are confined in a second collection of curly brackets, within which is another nested set of curly brackets for any TPG’s AAS configuration. They are the ALUA AAS administration mode possibilities:

Explicit_allow=on-This means that the host was set up to allow the SATP to work out the direct ALUA capacity in the event that want arises (eg, in the eventuality of an unsuccessful operator).